Long Wood Planter Boxes

Perfect for an 8 foot table centerpiece filled with elegant floral arrangements these really stand out. 30 available Rental Cost: $75 for all 30 or $3 each

Wood Planter Boxes

In two sizes to fit most of your decor needs, these planter boxes are so versatile. Fill with flowers, jars with lights, or turn upside down and use as a stand to give height. Two sizes available, 12 in each size available. Rental Cost:

Geometric Vases

These vases are all modern! Fill them with gorgeous floral arrangements and let them shine. Two sizes available, 6 total available. Rental Cost: $

Globe Lanterns

These Globe Lanterns are truly a one of a kind piece. Both elegant and simple, they can filled with beautiful floral arrangements or a simple candle will do. 20 large lanterns available Rental Cost: $76 set of 20 or $5 per lantern

Whiskey Barrels

These whiskey barrels are an awesome addition to any event. Their condition is immaculate and all five are all matching. Rental Cost: $22 per barrel which includes delivery within 25 miles